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LAWS has been helping animals in Leavenworth County. KS since 1991

In February, 2010, LAWS launched a Free Spay/Neuter Program that pays to sterilize any dog or cat living in Leavenworth County, KS. Since then, LAWS has paid for over 20,000 surgeries! Our goal is to reduce pet overpopulation in our community and to help pet owners have happier, healthier pets.


The Free Spay/Neuter Program may be ending

The sad truth is we can see the end of the program in the next few years if LAWS can’t decrease costs or increase donations.

Did you know LAWS pays an average of $10,000 a month for the spay/neuter surgeries?

Did you know that LAWS has spent over $900,000 on the Free Spay/Neuter Program?

Did you know that donations have not been enough to support the financial need?


LAWS has been blessed to have savings, but these funds are running out and we’re worried!


How can you help?
If you can afford to pay for the surgery yourself, please do so.
If you can donate to LAWS, please do so.
The more money donated, or costs reduced, the longer LAWS can continue to help our community.
Please help!



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The Hope Clinic (located inside of the Kansas Country Store) is taking appointments. Scroll down the page to apply for your Spay Neuter coupon.

Meet some of the animals LAWS has helped

LAWS Public Meetings

Second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm at the Kansas Country Store, 728 Cherokee St, Leavenworth.


Join us as we discuss our efforts and activities with rescue, fostering, adoption, emergency vet care, pet food assistance, community education, free spay & neuter program, fundraising, volunteerism and more!

Feeding Newborn Kitten
Sad Dog
Check Out Our Mission

Check Out Our Mission


LAWS Free Spay Neuter program is back! Fill out the form below to apply.

The HOPE Clinic
FREE Spay/Neuter Coupon for your pet!
Please complete all fields:
Coupons are available 
to Leavenworth County pet owners with proof
of residency

Please complete the form to the right and submit to receive your coupon by email. Once you receive your coupon, please contact The HOPE Clinic via the phone number on the coupon to schedule a FREE spay & neuter appointment for 
each pet.

The clinic is located inside of the
Kansas Country Store at:

728B Cherokee St., Leavenworth, KS

Thanks! Message sent.

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