Meet Zoe - one of the many lucky animals rescued by LAWS

Zoe is an 8-year-old Weimaraner. She wound up at the Leavenworth Animal Control shelter, obese and in pain, continually lifting her rear left paw. LAWS evaluated Zoe and determined that the poor thing was a giant snuggle bunny in need of a couch. Once LAWS located a rescue for Zoe, she went in for ACL surgery. The vet said Zoe didn't have a torn ACL but rather the worst case of joint inflammation the vet he'd seen in 25 years of practice! Now Zoe gets regular trips to physical therapy, where she exercises on a water treadmill. Zoe lost some weight and is down to good 72 lbs. Zoe is an example of why our pets need to stay fit & trim to keep them healthy.




The Hope Clinic (located inside of the Kansas Country Store) is taking appointments. Scroll down the page to apply for your Spay Neuter coupon.

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Second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm at the Kansas Country Store, 728 Cherokee St, Leavenworth.


Join us as we discuss our efforts and activities with rescue, fostering, adoption, emergency vet care, pet food assistance, community education, free spay & neuter program, fundraising, volunteerism and more!


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